Impact begins here, and it starts with you.

Through local investments, we advance groundbreaking cancer research and profoundly support people affected by the disease to create outsized impact in Southern California and beyond.


Tower Cancer Research Foundation was established in 1996 by a driven group of physicians, patients, and volunteers with a personal stake in cancer to fund high impact research and survivorship support programs.


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Community Partner Grants

Invested in cancer research in the last decade

Invested in Magnolia House in the last decade

Invested in community partnerships in the last decade

Our focus is on Southern California, the hub for some of the

world’s leading research institutions, and our founding physicians.

Our programs and funding are designed to maximize impact beyond the initial investment— so they not only benefit researchers, patients and families today, they have the potential to lead to even greater impact tomorrow, transforming lives anywhere.

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Millions of people will receive a breast cancer diagnosis this year.

Help us achieve a world without breast cancer.

Inspired by the most promising science,

we’re creating outsized impact.

Career Development Grants awarded by Tower Cancer

Invested in Career Development Grants by Tower Cancer

Additional subsequent funds awarded by others to Tower Cancer grantees for cancer research

Data from the inception of Tower Cancer’s Career Development Grants in 2006 to 2021

2023 Funded Research

Joseph Crompton, MD, PhD

Joseph Crompton, MD, PhD

University of California, Los Angeles $100,000 Tower Career Development Grant

Research Title: Stem Cell Reprogramming of Anti-Tumor T Cells
Shiri Gur-Cohen, PhD

Shiri Gur-Cohen, PhD

University of California, San Diego $100,000 Tower Career Development Grant

Research Title: Identify Lymphatic Niche Drivers of Oncogenic Tissue Remodeling and Tumorigenesis
Christopher Halbrook, PhD

Christopher Halbrook, PhD

University of California, Irvine $100,000 Tower Career Development Grant

Research Title: Targeting Liver Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
Kunal Patel, MD

Kunal Patel, MD

University of California, Los Angeles $100,000 Tower Career Development Grant

Research Title: Targeting infiltrating glioblastoma via pH sensitive visualization of tumor and pH modulation through bicarbonate transporter SLC4A4

At Tower Cancer our aim is simple:

Research for tomorrow. Support for today.

Our survivorship support programs align with the challenges faced by patients, survivors, and the whole cancer community.


The support you need to live your best life.