2022 Tower of Hope Gala: A Note of Gratitude

By: TCRF Staff | Published: May 13, 2022


We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who supported the 20th Annual Tower of Hope Gala commemorating the enduring strength and legacy of the Foundation by honoring esteemed members of the TCRF Family Dr. John Cartpen, Nancy Mishkin, and Drs. Ghazal and Sepehr Rokhsar.

The evening captured what a dynamic organization TCRF is and the extraordinary group of people that make it all possible.


A few highlights from the night:


  • Thanks to your generosity the Tower of Hope Gala raised nearly $900k! The proceeds will go towards advancing groundbreaking research and profoundly supporting people affected by cancer.


  • “I just want to thank Tower Cancer Research Foundation. Such an amazing group of people truly dedicated to supporting innovative cancer research that will help us move and advance towards better diagnostics and treatments for patients with cancer.” – Tower of Hope Gala Healing Award Recipient, Dr. John Cartpen


  • “Research is at the heart of Tower. It has always been our roots from day one. But we know that even when you become disease-free, you are not truly free of the disease. Out of this understanding, the patient support division of Tower was born. Magnolia House is the beating heart of Tower, and our programs extend far beyond our class schedule with the support provided by our community partner grants which reach deep into underserved communities providing a vital lifeline to services.” – TCRF Executive Director, Linda David


Thank you again for your support! Whether you joined the hybrid event in person or online, we’re so grateful we got to share such a special evening with you!


If you missed the Tower of Hope Gala or want to enjoy it again, you can click the links below the watch the Virtual Program Replay and see all the  from the in-person event.


2022 Tower of Hope Gala Virtual Program Replay       2022 Tower of Hope Gala Digital Tribute Journal       


P.S. Missed the event, but still want to show your support?