Lilly Padilla

Bio: Lilly Padilla is the author of “”Anti-cancer Habits & Anti-inflammatory Nutrition””. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Holistic Nutrition Chef with an specialization in Chinese Nutritional Therapy. Lilly is also an 18 years cancer survivor.

Lilly is consistently studying and taking the latest science-based courses and updates on the microbiome, nutrition, digestion, functional foods and ways to improve nutrient absorption. Lilly supports individual clients and teaches nutrition classes for groups, individuals and corporations. For more information visit: Follow Lilly’s Instagram: LillyHolisticNutrition.

Fun Fact: It might sound weird but I talk to my plants and to vegetables while prepping meals. love nature and touching plants is my thing- I get submerged with their life! Colors, textures, and vibrant energy… which I know gives me energy! 🌵           

 Classes at Magnolia House: Nutritional Cooking Classes