Samantha Paige

Bio: Samantha Paige is an artist, writer, and parent, with a passion for life. As a young adult cancer survivor and BRCA1 previvor, she has learned to use life’s experiences as fuel, generating raw dialogue with others about these life-changing moments through her speaking engagements, podcast series, Last Cut Conversations, and LAST CUT book and workbook. Samantha modeled in the powerful 2017 “Commit to Something” campaign for international gym brand, Equinox, freely displaying her scars from her preventive double mastectomy. She serves on the Executive Board for Get Lit—Words Ignite and teaches writing workshops at Magnolia House. “

Fun Fact: Samantha and her daughter recently adopted two Netherland Dwarf bunnies!

Classes at Magnolia House: LAST CUT Writing Workshops