Community Partners

Community Partners

  • BumbleBee Foundation

    The mission of Bumblebbee is to inspire hope and faith by providing support to the overall well-being of pediatric cancer families. Established in 2011, the Bumblebee Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 that was founded in memory of Jarren Donatini, who was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) at the age of three.

    During his 18 month battle with cancer Jarren touched the lives of many and showed others about the meaning of true love, faith, and courage. His parents immediately knew they were called to start an organization that would offer this same attitude of love and support for all families suffering from pediatric cancer.

    A grant from TCRF will support a program central to BumbleBee’s mission: the patient aid program. BumbleBee Foundation’s Patient Aid program is designed to assist pediatric cancer families through direct financial support. Families of a child undergoing cancer treatment may require financial assistance for basic needs such as mortgage or rent, utilities and groceries. Additional assistance may come in the form of sibling care, transportation needs, and medical bill coverage. Even with insurance plans intact, pediatric cancer parents are required to pay more in co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance. In worst case scenarios, BumbleBee also provide assistance with funeral/memorial costs.

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  • California Health Collaborative

    The Los Angeles County Patient Financial Assistance Program is an adjunct to California’s breast and cervical cancer early detection program (Every Woman Counts) and the State’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP).

    The Program will benefit low-income, underserved breast and/or cervical cancer patients that need financial assistance in order to improve treatment compliance and long-term survival. The proposed program’s mission is to assist breast and/or cervical cancer patients struggling with the costs of treatment, as well as ancillary services such as transportation, utilities, childcare and food vouchers, that are necessary for low-income patients to complete recommended treatment services. Funding provided by the Program could also provide access to cancer garments not reimbursed by health insurance such as lymphedema sleeves, breast prosthetics, and head coverings. These efforts seek to reduce the financial burden placed upon those diagnosed with breast and/or cervical cancer.

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  • Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry

    Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry’s mission is providing encouragement, educational, financial resources, and a comforting ear to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

    A grant from TCRF will go to support Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry’s The Shepherd’s Manor Wellness Center and Intervention Program at CLCM will provide cancer support services in a comprehensive manner, combining cancer education, physical activity, nutrition education and coping techniques for emotional wellness.

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  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)

    A grant from TCRF will help TFSS pilot a new virtual Life Skill and Wellness e-Series. The e-Series will offer AYA cancer patients behavioral health interventions and educational resources, teaching them essential skills that will help them in their cancer journey. By participating, patients will have access to monthly support groups led by a licensed psychologist as well as participate in educational workshops that cover topics across the whole continuum of care. Support from the Foundation will help cover the personnel cost of Dr. Laura Bava, a licensed and board-certified pediatric psychologist, who will create the e-Series so that AYAs fighting cancer during the pandemic have access to vital psychosocial services and resources.

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  • Disability Rights Legal Center

    Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) is the oldest program that provides disability rights advocacy by providing free legal assistance to people with disabilities experiencing discrimination in violation of their civil rights. The program brings high impact, high visibility cases in state and federal courts to protect and to expand the rights of this community.

    This grant from TCRF will work to help individuals with cancer navigate their cancer-related legal concerns during the COVID pandemic, from diagnosisthrough survivorship. The program goal, made possible by funding by the Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s community partnership, is the creation of a series of four webinars focused on providing COVID-related information and resources to low-income, underserved individuals affected by cancer throughout Southern California and across the U.S.

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  • Fran’s Place – Center for Cancer Counseling

    The Center for Cancer Counseling’s mission is to help cancer patients and their family members achieve and maintain a quality of life that is productive, fulfilling, rewarding, successful and happy.

    A grant from TCRF will help ensure that patient-centered, Psycho-Oncology support services are available, at No Charge, to cancer patients who are underserved, and/or struggling financially due to their diagnosis or from the economic impact of COVID19 for approximately200 sessions for newly referred patients and families in need. These personalized services will provide the support, psychoeducation, and encouragement needed to help patients and families stay as psychologically stable and future oriented as possible. Providing specialized psychotherapeutic support will improve quality of life, decrease symptoms related to stress and distress, increase tolerance of treatments, positively impact and improve emotional, social, psychological and physical well-being for patients and their families.

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  • MemorialCare

    This grant from TCRF will provide seed funding for the creation and implementation of a new, robust Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Survivorship Program that bridges the patient journey from the pediatric MemorialCare Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute (JJCCI) at Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach cancer program to the services of the adult MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Medical Center, providing a seamless transition to cancer survivorship care for young adults, as well as provide access to critically needed clinical trials. The funding from this grant will help to establish the foundation within MemorialCare to fulfill the unrealized potential of two excellent cancer programs, the pediatric program at JJCCI and the adult program at TCI andprovide the cancer survivorship care acrossthe developmental trajectory for AYA patients. This program will also serve as a unique resource within MemorialCare and as a regional resource within the greater Los Angeles and Orange county area.

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  • OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

    The OUR HOUSE mission is to provide the community with grief support services, education, resources, and hope. Since 1993, OUR HOUSE has helped thousands of grieving children, teens, and adults as they embark upon their journeys to hope and healing.

    This grant from TCRF will provide free grief support groups for bereaved Latinx children, teens, and adults within under-resourced and high-need neighborhoods, ensuring equitable access to grief support resources and opportunities to process the trauma of a death, overcome adversity, and thrive. Thank you for your enduring partnership.

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  • Project Angel Food

    Project Angel Food prepares and delivers healthy meals to feed people impacted by serious illness, bringing comfort and hope every day.

    A grant from TCRF will go to support Project Angel Food’s home-delivered meal and nutrition services program, which helps keep our cancer clients nourished, helps improve medication adherence, and reduces food insecurity. Funds will contribute directly to the annual preparation of 115,000 meals to 360 Los Angeles County residents disabled by cancer, including weekly distribution of meals to the homes of our critically ill clients and nutritional counseling by a registered dietitian.

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  • Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

    This grant from TCRF will support the creation and growth of a culturally congruent psychosocial care curriculum which will be presented to the target audience via at least four “tent-pole” conferences and virtual events with multiple community partners and then actively available to patients and caregivers every day. Through post-event surveys and engagement, feedback will be received throughout the year and the curriculum will be continually tailored to best serve the needs of the underrepresented community. The Simms/Mann Center will also make the curriculum available on its website, to its partner organizations, and undertake an active social media and press outreach campaign.

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