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Dr. Love established herself as a surgeon in Los Angeles, becoming a trailblazer and a beacon in the work to end breast cancer. Now, Tower Cancer Research Foundation extends its mission by establishing the Dr. Susan Love Fund for Breast Cancer Research.


Millions of people will receive a breast cancer diagnosis this year. What Dr. Love understood was that for each of them and their families, the outcome is all that matters. That compassion illuminated her work and the map she drew for the future of her work by inspiring colleagues to press ahead. Tower Cancer Research Foundation is now at the forefront of this work.

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Tower Cancer Dr Susan Love Fund Logo
Tower Cancer Dr Susan Love Fund Logo

Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book — Newly Revised 7th Edition

“A de facto bible for breast cancer patients.”

— New York Times

Breast Cancer Explained

Breast cancer is a complex disease. There are several subtypes of breast cancer and many options for treatment. While many people may have similar diagnoses or are prescribed similar treatments, no two people’s experiences are exactly the same.