Daniel Sanghoon Shin, MD

University of California, Los Angeles
$100,000 Cancer Free Generation Career Development Research Grant

Research Title:
Regulation of PD-L1/L2 Expression in Melanoma

The field of immuno-oncology has evolved over the past century. However, its therapeutic application to fight cancer has just begun with recent approval of new immunotherapy drugs in 2014. Anti-PD-1 antibodies produce unprecedented long lasting responses for patients with advanced melanoma and advanced lung cancer; it is expected to be approved for many other cancer types.

Dr. Shin will study the regulation of PD-L1/L2 expression in response to interferons which will be highly relevant to understanding the response and resistance from anti-PD-1/L-1 antibody therapy and its great potential to develop an assay or identify bio-markers to predict the response.

Mentor: Antoni Ribas, MD PhD