Sandra Griffiths

Subhadra, also known as Sandra Griffiths, is the founder of Yoga Angels International. Despite facing numerous challenges in her life, she has achieved global recognition. Her accomplishments have been featured in Forbes, and she has made a significant impact in California, Beverly Hills, Kenya, and Zanzibar. Subhadra’s dedication to yoga has led her to train hundreds of yoga teachers worldwide through the Yoga Angels teacher training and certification program.

Subhadra has created a renowned children’s yoga program in Beverly Hills and plays a key role in designing and co-teaching the organization’s prestigious teacher training program.

In 2006, Subhadra brought wellness and yoga back to her home country of Jamaica by founding Yoga Angels Jamaica and certifying teachers on the island. In 2020, she expanded her influence by introducing Yoga Angels teachings in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2023, she established a wellness contract with Sharazad Boutique Hotel in Zanzibar, where she oversees their wellness program.

Subhadra’s commitment to yoga and wellness extends beyond her professional life. As a mother of four young adults, her family has brought yoga and wellness to unconventional places, including Jamaican Youth Correctional Facilities funded by USAID and OAS. She has also collaborated with esteemed organizations such as the City of Beverly Hills Schools, LAUSD, Sagicor Bank, Spanish Court Hotel, and even the United Nations in Jamaica.

With an unwavering commitment to enhancing well-being and sharing the transformative power of yoga, Subhadra has launched her podcast called “Strip To The Naked Truth,” expanding the reach of Yoga Angels while sharing her life’s journey. She continues to make a meaningful impact.