Investing in Human Capital

Graph of Cancer on the Rise


Cancer cases worldwide are expected to double in twenty years so new ideas are critical. For almost two decades, Tower Cancer Research Foundation has been investing in the most promising ideas by focusing on young investigators and physician scientists with new theories that shatter paradigms and offer new possibilities.

Each small scientific discovery leads to new discoveries and they create the building blocks for future advancements.

Similarly, our financial investments can multiply. Since 2006 we have invested into the unconventional ideas of 31 young scientists. Their results attracted more funding making our initial $2 million grow to the impact of $30 million.

Federal funding for research is getting cut off and we are losing innovative research overseas. Young careers aren’t funded, and research is ground to a halt.

We are in a race against time. Life-saving treatments and ideas are just around the corner….but we can’t get there without you. Join us on our journey.

Impact of Grant Investment Graph

Tower’s Superstar

TCRF Grant Recipient Edward Garon, MD

In 2008, Tower Cancer Research Foundation awarded Dr. Ed Garon a $50,000 Career Development Grant. Today Dr. Garon has risen through the ranks at UCLA to become the Director or Thoracic Oncology. He has led studies, published in the Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine, that have led to approval of two new drugs for lung cancer patients (ramucirumab and pembrolizumab) and a diagnostic test to predict lung cancer patients who would respond to immunotherapies.

“In a difficult period for research funding, young investigators are at particular risk, as they generally have no track record of success. Without resources with which to generate preliminary data, these early career scientists are unable to start down a road that could lead to important research advances”.

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