Investing in Human Capital

Chairman of the Board Nancy Mishkin

Twenty years, ago a group of physicians from Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group decided that they wanted to conduct their own clinical trials on their premises, and Tower Cancer Research Foundation was formed.

Originally the Foundation focused solely on clinical trials participating in over 100 trials with thousands of patients and ultimately providing new therapies to our community.

In 2008, the Foundation expanded its mission and began offering small career development awards to young physician scientists with new and exciting novel ideas.

Fast forward to 2015 and a new Tower Cancer Research Foundation has emerged.

In addition to our board – a team of bold and visionary warriors – we have added the Magnolia Council, a group of nearly 50 women focused on supporting our mission with their fundraising efforts. We have also added the Cancer Free Generation, our young leadership group who represent the talent and energy of our future.

We have added major events including a gala, a luncheon, a poker tournament, a golf tournament and a brand new 5K walk….there is something for everyone in our line-up.

The money we raise is now supporting the fight against cancer in many exciting ways. Clinical trials, career development grants and now senior investigator grants round out our investment in scientific research. At least 80% of our funds support finding answers to the physical manifestation of cancer.

Complementing our research, our psychosocial programs help support the mind and spirit of cancer patients. We provide grants to community partners offering innovative programs primarily to underserved communities and we provide in house programs including lectures, support groups, workshops and classes that seek to integrate the psychological and physical healing process.

And we are just getting started….. 2016 brings new excitement and a new home for Tower Cancer Research Foundation.

I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Nancy Mishkin, Chairman of the Board

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