TCRF Community Partner Grant with Simms Man UCLA Integrative Oncology Center

Support for Young Adults and Adolescents

TCRF Community Partner Grant to Simms Mann UCLA

Young adults and adolescents (AYA) have many more barriers than other groups of patients with cancer, and there are fewer resources targeted to their special needs. They often face hardships with regard to their financial resources and stability due to their developmental stage in life. Additionally, their interpersonal networks are more complicated in that they may be in the process of separating, or are recently separated from their parents, and are suddenly in need of help from their family. This brings up issues of dependence and independence, including difficulties around decision-making. To further complicate things, they often feel very different than their peers because their peer group does not know cancer. This can foster a sense of isolation at a time when they need the most support.

In 2013, Tower Cancer Research Foundation awarded Simms Mann UCLA Integrative Oncology Center a Community Partner Grant to address the needs of this often over looked young adult demographic. While the initial goal of the 2013 grant was to provide outreach and support to 50 young adults, Simms Mann exceeded this target by a ten-fold increase each year. As a result, Tower renewed their community partner grant through 2015, committing a total of $120,000 over the last three years to this worthy cause.

“Their loving care and guidance made a huge difference in all of our lives. They healed what the medicine couldn’t touch. We will be forever grateful to the caring folks at the Simms/Mann Center.”
~Parents of 24-year-old with cancer

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