“After months of receiving Tower’s LA CanSurvive newsletters and seeing all of the support programs offered, I finally decided to give Reiki Energy Circle a try. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. I was a bit skeptical, but had high hopes. Within a matter of minutes I was blown away, as I could feel the energy flow creating a strong bond, uniting participants of the group. I could feel a shift in my body’s energy, a shift I had never felt before. I felt lighter, calmer, and centered, as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. As I made Reiki a weekly part of my routine, I noticed my energy was increasing and I was no longer having panic attacks. Of the many different therapies and healing treatments I have tried, nothing has impacted my life as much as Reiki. I am ever so grateful for this experience and encourage others to try this beneficial resource which is offered through Tower’s LA CanSurvive Program.”




“After living with metastatic neuroendocrine cancer for several years, I finally came to Tower’s office for Flori’s awe inspiring Expressions of hope and healing class and knew I had found my home away from home.  After the first class I spent a good half hour, in the hallways and then in the basement by our cars, dishing and adoring our fellow students and our beloved, no nonsense but ALL love, Miss Flori! A Sisterhood like no other…a quick but solid bond and a safety net…a place in the middle of a maze for ones spirit to soar again!  It was so powerful and real.  I finally made it to my car and before my car door closed my face was drenched with happy tears…tears of surrender…tears of great great gratitude, ‘everything is going to be okay’ tears!

Within a short time everything was NOT OK. I was very sick again BUT it was only my physical state that wasn’t ok…I was stronger emotionally thanks to just a few short classes with Flori!  I had been through this a few times now but THIS TIME it was different because I had Flori’s voice in my head and the encouraging smiles from LA CanSurvive/TCRF and the newly formed Sisterhood and Brotherhood bond with my fellow cancer warriors in my heart.

This time I had a vision of what my life could be LIVING with cancer rather than dying, fading crumbling, isolating, fearing, shaming, guilt tripping with cancer.  But rather LIVING and THRIVING and even celebrating life with this little sissy side kick cancer.  And THIS TIME I know I could get over this hump and one day I would return to your wonderful 3rd floor Mana (spirit, aloha, and goodness).”



“This past year has been long and tough, but I can say with certainty that I could not have faced my diagnosis without Tower Cancer Research Foundation. Tower’s LA CanSurvive Patient Support Programs are remarkable. The exercise classes help revive my strength and energy and the Young Adult Breast Cancer Support Group helps me gain the emotional confidence to embrace my new normal. The friendships made with my “breast friends” through all of LA CanSurvive classes and events will be cherished forever as they are one of my many silver linings in this journey.

Cancer does not define me, but it has made me a stronger woman. From the bottom of my heart I thank Tower Cancer Research Foundation for providing cancer fighters, thrivers and survivors with a community of perseverance, resilience and hope.”