Retreats for Women Cancer Survivors

Healing Odyssey

Grant: $5,000

Healing Odyssey has helped empowered more than 1,000 women survivors to cope with fear, reclaim their strengths and abilities, and live well and productively regardless of their prognosis. Putting life back together after the devastating effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be difficult, overwhelming, and lonely. Healing Odyssey reaches out to all women with all forms of cancer and provides programs regardless of the survivor’s ability to pay. Healing Odyssey’s mission is to empower women cancer survivors to be strong, hopeful, and courageous through innovative and active education and support programs. This active and experiential three-day program takes traditional therapy techniques that address the trauma of cancer and makes them active and participatory, by incorporating physical challenges to be met and mastered. This helps cancer patients move back into their own lives empowered, renewed, and supported by a community of fellow survivors who truly understand. Workshops include Journaling, Words of Empowerment, Transforming Fear, Guided Imagery and Meditation, Spirituality, Yoga, Sexuality, and an Empowerment Walk.