Grief Support Services and Education

OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

Grant: $20,000

OUR HOUSE School-based grief support groups are provided free of charge for elementary, middle, and high school students who have experienced the death of a family member or close friend within the past 2-24 months. Schools are located throughout LA County, particularly within underserved and high-poverty communities where deaths are often due to inequitable healthcare and where students have little to no access to grief counseling services. Students participate in a group with peers who have also experienced a significant death and are feeling similar every day challenges. Funding from TCRF will provide free school-based groups to 60 underserved children and teens who have experienced the death of someone close by cancer. Funding will help make sure these grieving children and families have the resources and tools to cope with their grief, curb the potential for a downturn in performance and growth, and foster students to become thriving individuals.