Interactive Decision-making Tool

Triage Cancer

Grant: $25,000

Funding from the Jessica Berman Memorial Fund at Tower Cancer Research Foundation will allow Triage Cancer to continue developing content for its interactive decision-making tool. By creating an interactive tool in a “choose your own adventure” style format, Triage Cancer is able to guide cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers to the most relevant information and resources. For example, though a series of questions, the site can determine that the survivor is struggling to pay for prescription drugs, and then guide him or her towards information about pharmaceutical prescription assistance programs. Currently there are modules for health insurance, disability insurance, and financial resources. In this next phase of the project the organization will add modules on education resources, clinical trials, and employment. The hope is to add functionalities where the survivor could receive a printable list of next steps (e.g., contact information for organizations that can help with applying to financial assistance programs). The overarching goal is to give those coping with cancer targeted information so that they can make appropriate decisions throughout the continuum of care and to avoid additional stress, anxiety, and long term negative effects on their quality of life. Triage Cancer anticipates reaching a minimum of 5,000 individuals coping with cancer, caregivers, and advocates during the grant year. Initially, outreach will be focused towards African American communities, communities with low socioeconomic status and low health literacy levels, and Hispanic communities who face cultural and language barriers.