Expanding Grief Support Services for Students and their Families

OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

Grant: $25,000

In California, 1 in 20 children under the age of 18 experiences the death of a parent or sibling. This means that approximately 108,000 children in Los Angeles County and their families could benefit from OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center’s programs. OUR HOUSE is responsive to the needs of our community. In a city as widespread and diverse as Los Angeles, OUR HOUSE has created solutions to overcome language, financial, transportation, and myriad other barriers to grief support access in the most vulnerable communities, where grief is often one of many complex life hardships and deaths are frequently caused by inequitable healthcare or violence. The School Program offers free school-based grief support groups for bereaved elementary, middle, and high school students. 74% of the students we served in 2018-19 identified as Latinx, providing a unique opportunity to deepen our community impact by offering students’ family members free grief support groups in Spanish through the Spanish Satellite Program. By expanding the reach of the School and Spanish Satellite Programs in 2020 to serve more high-need children, teens, and families, especially in the Latinx community, OUR HOUSE will increase the health and knowledge of families to help them better care for their grieving children and themselves. Cancer was the number one cause of death for the loved ones of program participants in 2018, comprising 36% of all deaths. Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s support of the School and Spanish Satellite Programs, ensures that bereaved students and families have the resources and tools to cope with their grief and thrive after the death. OUR HOUSE is addressing needs by meeting people on their own terms, in their own community, and helping them regain hope.