Free Food and Nutrition Services for Los Angeles County Residents Debilitated by Cancer

Project Angel Food

Grant: $15,000

Project Angel Food prepares and delivers healthy meals to feed people impacted by serious illness, bringing comfort and hope every day. Renewed support from the Tower will contribute directly toward the annual preparation of 140,000 meals to more than 500 Los Angeles County residents debilitated by cancer. Encompassing 20% of all primary diagnosis of their nearly 2,400 clients, cancer remains one of their two top illnesses of the people they serve. Funding would include weekly distribution and delivery of medically tailored meals to the homes of our critically ill clients and nutritional counseling by a registered dietitian, beginning with an initial assessment by a registered dietitian upon enrollment, followed by routine check-ins. Clients would receive a customized menu prepared by our professional chefs unique to their diagnosis and co-morbidities and aligned with their dietary restrictions and preferences. Striving to be as respectful and unobtrusive as possible, our drivers would deliver seven-days-worth of meals directly to the client’s household during the same four-hour window each week. Tower’s contribution will serve chronically, and terminally ill residents diagnosed with cancer in need of our services who are struggling with hunger, isolation, and their life-threatening illness.