Shepherd’s Manor Wellness Center and Intervention Program

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry

Grant: $10,000

Cancer survival has increased favorably among all groups, except for African American and Hispanics; although there are multiple factors that can improve the chances of surviving the disease over a five-year period, in underserved communities like SPA6 in South Los Angeles, we see little to no progress. For the past 19 years, Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry (CLCM) has served over 3,500 patients and caregivers who have been impacted by cancer. Following a faith-based community approach, The Shepherd’s Manor Wellness Center and Intervention Program at CLCM provides cancer support services in a comprehensive manner, combining cancer education, physical activity, and nutrition education. With a grant from Tower Cancer Research Foundation the program will provide cancer support services via cancer education, wellness classes, and coping techniques for emotional wellness to underserved cancer patients in South Los Angeles a primarily Black, Latinx, Hispanic community.

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