Community Cancer Counseling Services

Center for Psychology of Cancer

Grant: $10,000

For 20 years, Fran’s Place - Center for Cancer Counseling (The Center), a nonprofit, has been helping cancer patients, of all ages, and their family members, gain the necessary skills needed to manage the emotional, psychological, physical and life altering challenges that accompany a diagnosis of cancer. Professional counseling services are provided by licensed clinicians who have an emphasis in Psycho-Oncology. Services are patient-centered and are provided in the setting which best meets the patients’ needs (in-office, patient homes, hospitals, or via telehealth). The Center’s goal is to serve all referred patients at No-Charge. Cancer patients and their families are not only contending with the significant emotional and psychological impact of the illness but are often faced with enormous medical bills confounded by loss of income. The Center strives to be inclusive and to positively impact the cancer community regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. The Center is able to support the expansive multicultural population within its community by providing services in both English and Spanish. With a grant from Tower Cancer Research Foundation, The Center will be able to ensure that patient-centered, Psycho-Oncology support services are available, at no charge, to cancer patients who are underserved, and/or struggling financially due to their diagnosis or from the economic impact of COVID19. These personalized services will provide the support, psychoeducation, and encouragement needed to help patients and families stay as psychologically stable and future oriented as possible. Providing specialized psychotherapeutic support will improve quality of life, decrease symptoms related to stress and distress, increase tolerance of treatments, positively impact and improve emotional, social, psychological and physical well-being for patients and their families.

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