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Grant: $10,000

Cancer accounts for three of the top ten leading causes of death for men and women in Los Angeles County. Cancer is also the leading cause of death among adults age 27-54, responsible for 22.7% of all parent-aged adult deaths in our community. This correlates with increased rates of childhood bereavement related to cancer and adversity resulting from having a parent die. This immense need for grief support has been magnified exponentially by the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused thousands of deaths in LA County. The pandemic has complicated the grieving process by interrupting mourning rituals and isolating grievers through physical distancing. Unsupported grief can increase physical, emotional, and social risks. Recognizing that the Latinx community has been disproportionally impacted by both COVID-19 and cancer deaths, OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center will expand our free community-based grief support programs to support grieving Latinx children, teens, and adults online. With a grant from Tower Cancer Research Foundation Our House will provide free grief support groups for bereaved Latinx children, teens, and adults within under-resourced and high-need neighborhoods, ensuring equitable access to grief support resources and opportunities to process the trauma of a death, overcome adversity, and thrive.

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