2021 Application Coming Soon!

As a Southern California-focused independent cancer research foundation, Tower is known for its expert reputation in professionally vetting research and maximizing the impact of donor-investors.  The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board is to conduct a rigorous review and vetting process of grant applications to identify the best and brightest in cancer research. The combination of Tower’s leading Scientific Advisory Board and the exceptional level of applicants demonstrates the power of Tower Cancer Research Foundation in identifying new treatments, unlocking new findings, and playing a central role in the discovery of a cure for cancer. In the last decade, Tower has raised over $30 million to support our mission of funding grants for innovative scientific research.  These dollars have led to the approval of 15 new cancer drugs and the expansion of treatment options for cancer patients all over the world.

In 2020, Tower will award multiple $100,000 Career Development Grants and at least one $500,000 Senior Investigator Grant.

$500,000 Sr. Investigator Grant – Required Forms

Tower recognizes how important it is to support senior investigators in their well-established research programs. To that end, Tower awards five-year grants to world-renowned scientists to fund their novel research hypotheses in molecular biology or therapeutics of cancer.

The Judith and Frank E. Rosenfelt $100,000 Career Development Grant Program – Required Forms

While there are many brilliant scientists in the world conducting cancer research, Tower recognizes that many important breakthroughs come from unexpected directions and differing perspectives. Tower encourages young physician-scientists to explore novel research hypotheses by offering one-year Career Development Grants.