Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Laboratory studies and clinical trials are the driving force behind advances in cancer care. This series will help you understand the steps of the cancer research process, how you can take part in clinical trials, and the questions to keep in mind when you hear the word “breakthrough.”

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More than one billion dollars is spent annually in the U.S. on breast cancer research. This video will help you understand the types of research those dollars fund.

Every cancer treatment approved for use today was found safe and effective in a clinical trial. This video will teach you about the types of clinical trials that are being used to find the treatments that will be approved tomorrow.

Researchers can sound like they are speaking a foreign language. This video will teach you how to understand what a study is about, so you can decide if you’re interested in taking part. 

Hundreds of breast cancer studies are currently taking place throughout the U.S. This video will help you learn how to find and enroll in a clinical trial. 

The media loves the word “breakthrough.” In this video we explain how to know if a “breakthrough” is real or merely another study result.

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