Written By: Emilia Hamburg

This column will explore the effects that cancer has on children and teens, their treatment, their development, their relationships, and their fears, whether it be a personal battle with cancer or watching their parents or siblings fight cancer.

Camp Kesem

When cancer is thrown into the life of a teen it takes a toll, especially when it is their parent, sister or brother who is sick. Fear and anxiety develop quickly, and they begin to lose focus. Their grades drop, they begin to isolate themselves and their performance in sports is not the same. They begin to worry about expenses and how that will affect their family and their lives, leaving them feeling insecure about their future. Their path is no longer clear; instead, it is filled with twists and turns that they are unsure how to navigate. Most importantly, they worry for their parent, sister or brother, not knowing what the end result will be and if their family will win or lose their battle with cancer, what it might mean if Mom, Dad, sister or brother pass.

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