The Meryl Kern Survivorship Program is a growing collection of services. Founded by cancer survivor Meryl Kern, the focus is to educate, support and provide women going through treatment and post treatment an opportunity to look and feel their best. The program offers educational opportunities, intimate discussions, and the opportunity to connect with others.

About Meryl Kern

With a 20-year track record of successful campaign management in Los Angeles and New York, Meryl worked at one of the top advertising agencies in New York City. She later went on to open her own boutique agency where she worked with a wide assortment of clients. She has spent many years in the disability and diversity community working on award-winning disability programs for the New York Mayors office, a hugely successful UN/Paralympics Event-Raising the Bar, and in helping create a major diversity program for Entergy, a Fortune 500 Company.

In September 2014, Meryl’s life was changed forever when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now cancer free, given the support of the Nurses and Medical Professionals of Cedar Sinai Hospital and Tower Cancer Oncology Center. As a thank you for the care and love provided by the Tower Oncology nurses, Meryl and her husband have established a continuing oncology education program for Tower’s Nurses.

Meryl Kern Survivorship Blush Panel Series

In the wake of a cancer diagnosis, attention is often squarely focused on getting through medical treatment leaving other emotional and mental health issues to be minimized or overlooked entirely.

The Meryl Kern Survivorship Blush Panel Program aims to help alleviate this sense of isolation and helplessness. Through this multifaceted program, a combination of broad reaching educational lectures and intimate, deep discussions empower survivors to connect with others in the community and become better informed. Through an array of “daring” educational workshops, the Meryl Kern Survivorship Blush Panel Series provides a safe environment for community members to discuss intimate, socially taboo topics.

Meryl Kern Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a process through which cancer patients work one on one with a trained therapist- in a safe, caring and confidential environment to explore feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. The goal is to assist cancer survivors in promoting positive cognitive-behavioral change and overcoming problems.

Short-term (8 weeks), weekly 50-minute, individual sessions using a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapeutic approach. This type of individual therapy is present-oriented and directed toward helping patients solve current problems, teaching patients skills to modify dysfunctional thinking and behavior along with instilling mindfulness techniques.

By Appointment only.


Once an appointment is requested, you will be provided with an Individual Therapy questionnaire. Completing this form is required.


Meryl Kern Survivorship Wig Program

The Meryl Kern Survivorship Wig Program is transforming the often challenging and emotional experience of finding a wig that makes you feel beautiful in the wake of cancer treatments. The Program aims to personalize the wig experience by offering high quality wigs and a customized experience through a specialist at the Wig Fairy.

This program is available to those located or being treated in Southern California, financially unable to afford a wig, and for those currently undergoing treatment. If you feel you meet all the following criteria, please contact [email protected] to request an application.

Customized Human Hair Wig Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must live and/or be receiving treatment in Southern California.

  • Must be currently undergoing treatment.

  • Must have a financial need

Eligible applicants must meet specific annual income guidelines by providing at least one of the following documents: the first two pages of last year’s signed copy of their income tax return, a copy of their most recent paycheck, unemployment check, Social Security, SSI, SSD, or public assistance benefit notification. The annual income cannot exceed levels outlined below in this chart: